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Team: Hestia


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Global Goal 16 - Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions


Team Hestia will be playing for Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

Hestia is an ancient greek goddess of the hearth, architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity, the family, the home, and the state. “My motivation is to fight against any kind of discrimination, as well as to promote the social inclusion and integration of refugee women, and equal access to sport for women,” says Katerina.  

Katerina will implement the project in collaboration with the International Olympic Truce Centre.

Katerina is one of the EU Ambassador Coaches selected as part of our overall project GGWCup Europe. Learn more about the special ErasmusPlus project here and read more about Katerina here

See you on the pitch in Copenhagen May 14!

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I consider the GGWCup unique because it combines four important issues: sport, women, vulnerable populations and the SDGs. My vision is that the women of my team will become inspiring role models, not only for other refugee women but for women with less opportunities in general.
— Katerina Salsa

How will the team take action for their Goal?

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  • The team will fight against any kind of discrimination as well as to promote the social inclusion and integration of refugee women, and equal access to sport for women.

  • The team will promote human rights based rules of a sport can help to replace culturally discriminative norms that exclude women from sport.

  • By bringing people together, building communities and fighting attitudes of xenophobia, negative gender stereotypes and racism, sport has the potential to make an important contribution to the integration of refugees in the EU. 

  • Their uniforms were designed by the Social Fashion Factory (SOFFA) , a cooperative of fashion designers and professionals that provides for the livelihoods of refugees, survivors victims of human trafficking, and Greek unemployed living in risk of survival through integration into work and micro-entrepreneurism. SOFFA creates value for all stakeholders offers ethical employment to the above vulnerable populations, produces only from sustainable textiles and materials, offers to unemployed designers and struggling SMEs training on how to be a sustainable fashion entrepreneur and provides them with access to machinery and sustainable raw materials runs awareness raising activities to the public training the ethical consumer of tomorrow. By choosing SOFFA they achieved the following: their uniform is made of sustainable material - recycled plastic, their players visited the premises, and are now aware about their activities and cause, and will participate in the near future in their workshops-some of them may have employability opportunities and they  financially supported SOFFA's cause since they covered the cost - which means that they provided a small income to refugees and victims of human trafficking who actually produced our uniforms, as well as to Greek unemployed fashion designers.

  • Video: Refugee Women's football club cannot travel to Global Goals World Cup


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