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GGWCup CPH 2019 Cynthia Sugar Skulls


Global Goals 5 - Gender Equality

We believe that strong women lift each other up! Our team is composed of girls and women coming from different social backgrounds and of different ages and abilities.
— Team Sugar Skulls

Sugar Skulls provides "youth-led innovative activities, including street sports and street art activities.” Their ultimate goal? To use sports to “overcome the barriers that prevent girls from taking an active role in society.”

The team is lead by team captain Cynthia Debono who has worked in sports for over 20 years.

Cynthia is one of the EU Ambassador Coaches selected as part of our overall project GGWCup Europe. Learn more about the special ErasmusPlus project here and read more about Cynthia here. 

See you on the pitch in Copenhagen May 14!

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I am a dreamer with a strong ambition to make beautiful things. Sport is my inspiration, my freedom and my hope for a better future. Sport made me the person I am today, thought me the values of winning and losing, but most important it gave me the courage and energy to work hard and never give up.
— Cynthia Debono

Team Sugar Skulls will be playing for Goal 5: Gender Equality.

The team believes that Sport can be a catalyst for empowering women and girls to be active, to fight for their dreams, stand brave and to keep moving forward no matter what! 

The aim is to use the power of sport to over come the barriers that prevent girls from taking an active role in society. Sport encourages social interaction, improves self-confidence and promotes physical and metal health. It also fosters communication, negotiation and leadership skills, all vital for women's empowerment. Over coming this challenge leaves a positive impact not only on a personal level but can have a ripple effect on the community at large. 

Various visits and activities in local colleges were organised. This includes all five MCAST College Institutes in which around 6000 students attend and Verdala International School. There, we met students all coming from various backgrounds, countries and cultures. This was a new experience for our team as it was the first time for us to combine sports together with the Global Goals and activism. The impact was huge as most of the young people we met were not familiar with the global goals and it was an interesting process also for us to learn from each other and share knowledge and ideas, we also learned a lot from the students who participated in the activities. Through this process we've learned that when sports and activism are combined together they can truly push boundaries and can bring people together across divides, cultures and gender to play together for a common cause.

Inspired by the teams actions and the Global Goals World Cup, A collaboration was formed between the Malta Football Association, MCAST college and MOVE and committed volunteers/students have started delivering football sessions twice a week at the Refugee camps with special focus on women and girls. Moreover, the administration of the Refugee Camps accepted that women play alongside with men. This is a first for Malta to have women and men refugees playing alongside together as usually women and men are not allowed to be together at the camp, let alone play football together.

How will the team take action for their Goal?

  • Women helping Women

  • Involving men and boys in the process
    The team plan to organise some training sessions with boys to promote friendship and to challenge stereotypes.

  • Involving the media
    The team work with various TV Stations, News Papers and Magazines

  • Involving Politicians and other Important Stakeholders
    The team will start some discussions with relevant Politicians and stakeholders  to help push forward our agenda that of promoting Gender Equality through sport. 

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Thanks Joanna Camilleri for hosting us on your programme and for giving us the opportunity to further promote Malta's participation in the Global Goals World Cup

At GGWCup Europe (Copenhagen) we play for #SDG5 #genderequality#2030Agenda #malta #weplaystrong #erasmusplus #taketheball #ggwcup


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Sugar Skulls

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