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Team: Forca Goa

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Forca Goa Foundation is a team that has multiple and diverse Sustainable Development Goals and football runs in their veins. When a team uses football as a tool to empower the people of the country, then we know for sure they will be a force at the GGWCup Mumbai. Here's hoping for some cracking games that lie ahead!

"Grassroots football isn't about the trophies you win. It's about the difference you make to a young person's life!"

In the GGWCup Forca Goa will be playing for Global Goal 3, 5 and 12.


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Instagram: @forcagoafoundation // Facebook: @forcagoafoundation.


In the media & team action

A Mumbai Agency Launches a Campaign to Enable Better Representation of Women in Football in India (VICE)
In collaboration with the Forca Goa Foundation, the first phase of an activism spurred by Ruchika Parab has given birth to ‘A Girl’s Place’, which reclaims, and breaks, this sexist cliche.
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"1 day to go for the #GlobalGoals World Cup in Mumbai. We have some serious goals to achieve and we can't do it without all of you 🙌🤘 #ggwcup #forcagoa #SDG2020" - @forcagoafoundation (Instagram)