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What is Global Goals World Cup?

We have created a special set of rules designed to inspire amateur athletes to become champions of the world they want. 

We have created a special set of rules designed to inspire amateur athletes to become champions of the world they want. 

The Global Goals World Cup was created by a small danish organisation with a big idea: To create sports events that inspire amateur athletes to become champions of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and drive progress and change in their communities. We are on a mission to unite companies and organisations around the world who share our  love of sport and the desire to accelerate progress towards the SDGs (The Global Goals). Join us in creating a completely new type of World Cup. 
These one day five-a-side football tournaments where teams play for the UN Global Goals, are fun and engaging events, which draw high-level political support mobilize local communities in support of the Global Goals and engage local and international stars as referees, commentators and ambassadors. The GGWCup ambassador and Bollywood superstar John Abraham will be part of the tournament in Dubai in January.

Inviting women of all ages and backgrounds to come play, and everyone to come cheer !

We are inviting women from all over the region to participate in this event, which is both meaningful and fun. This is not your average soccer tournament: Each team will make it's voice heard by playing and taking action for the UN Global Goal they are most passionate about. Read more about the special Global Goals World Cup rules and how to register a team here. Winning the matches only counts for 1/4 of the victory! Additional points are awarded for actions for the goals, engaging the crowd and creative style. 
Leading up to the event, teams take action for their favorite goal, find innovative ways to engage their network and get creative about how to express their mission on the day through eye-catching uniforms an team cheers.

Why do we do this?

Despite the many advances in creating a sustainable future and combatting poverty, the international community still has a long way to go if we are to reach the SDG's by 2030. In many communitites, women are an untapped resource of strength and influence. And also those who have most to gain by accelerating progress. For example are women and children often the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.  By mobilizing women to have their say in the sustainable development agenda, We aim to rally public support to address these issues.

The Vision

Over the next years, the GGWCup is building a worldwide community of teams, connected by their love of football and their desire to change the world one goal at a time. In the MENA Region Sustainable Mindz is taking the lead in building tournaments over the next few years. 

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