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Why our Teams Get Points for Mobilizing the Crowd


This is not your average soccer tournament. We think changing the world is an extreme sport. Sometimes –in order to change the world, you have to change the rules. -so we did: After each game 4 points are given:

|  For most goals scored  |  For most supporting crowd  | 
For most original team style  |  For best action for the Global Goals


This is why teams get points for mobilizing the crowd

Sport is probably the single most universal source of mobilization in the world. All over the planet, across time zones, religions, social class and ethnic divides, people will gather around TV sets and devices to experience the big moments in sport in real time. We will hold our breath, feel our hearts pound, jump out of our seats and roar! In one, huge, collective human movement. –Pretty amazing when you think about it...

Imagine if just a fraction of that energy could be directed towards reaching the Global Goals by 2030… Wait a minute, that almost sounds like a challenge?

The 17 Sustainable development goals (SDG’s or Global Goals) is the most ambitious plan that humanity has ever made. They were created by asking millions of people: “what is most important if we are to secure a safe, fair and sustainable future for people and planet?” And these 17 goals are what it boiled down to. Each goal is essential; each of them will improve countless lives and secure a better world for future generations: -None of them will be easy to reach.  It will take a huge effort and commitment. -Kind of like winning a World Cup...

What these goals really need is a loud and passionate fan club!

And this is why we challenge our teams to mobilize their supporters: To share their passion for their chosen goal with the crowd, and see if they can grow the “Global Goals Fan Club”.