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Quality Education Inside and Outside the Classroom


When you think of education, an image of a classroom with a group of students sitting at desks most likely comes to mind. The truth is, education comes in many forms – and isn’t just restricted by the premises of a classroom. Meyers FC believes that education means providing individuals with the proper resources to get desired opportunities in life. Naturally, they will be playing for GOAL #4: Quality Education.

What can unite all departments of an organisation? -Soccer can
This team represents MeyersUSA, a hospitality group in New York started by a Danish culinary entrepreneur, Claus Meyer. In the spring of 2016, Meyer opened a food hall and restaurant in Grand Central Terminal. Meyers FC players are a diverse group that are all employed by MeyersUSA, from servants, cooks, chefs and many more. Julie Bengtsson, the project manager of Meyers FC, said that soccer is something all these employees can unite over, despite their position with the company or where they are from.

“It doesn’t matter whether you get a high school education or you go to a university or graduated to become a cook,” said Bengtsson. “Claus wants to help people that don’t have as many opportunities so they can start somewhere and work their way up.”

Meyer’s Mission

Meyer also started The Melting Pot Foundation, an NGO that aims to improve quality of life and learning opportunities for marginalized populations in Denmark and selected developing countries. The Melting Pot Foundation started a restaurant in Bolivia, GUSTU, that served as a school for underprivileged individuals who could learn how to cook. Additionally they have recently founded a culinary school and health project for marginalized young people in Brownsville, New York City. Students are taught cooking skills that provide them with job opportunities at restaurants.

Bengtsson’s vision of the future is to find ways that the UN Global Goals can be implemented naturally in our lives. If people are making conscious choices every day to support the goals, milestones in progress can be made.

“Everyone deserves clean water, quality education and a fair chance in life regardless of where they are born,” she said.

Bengtsson found an analogy between the love of soccer and drive for social progress: Soccer has a certain finesse to it. Players show a tremendous amount of motivation and stamina throughout all ninety minutes of the game. Reaching the UN Global Goals is a similar concept. It requires commitment and stamina. Like any champion of a soccer match can tell you, reaching the goal requires perseverance.


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