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Exclusive for SAP Next Gen Johannesburg chapter: Volunteer opportunity starts Nov. 30th

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Eir Soccer together with SAP Next-Gen and The Female Quotient present this unique opportunity for you to expand your global network and join the crew of Global Goals activists, who use the power of sport to drive progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Apply today to join the inaugural class of Global Goals League Mentors. SAP Next-Gen is teaming up with Eir Soccer to launch the first Global Goals Girls Football School League in Alexandra township, Johannesburg. 
We are encouraging female entrepreneurs / thought leaders / community leaders / students/ players from our SAP Next-Gen community to seize this opportunity to work alongside the team’s coaches to share your knowledge and experience and inspire these young girls to become change agents in their communities.

The teams will consist of girls from schools in the region. Throughout the season they will build their skills, confidence and knowledge of the Global Goals and explore their power to grow and create progress as a team.

For an idea of the concept please have a look at this video from our league in Buenos Aires.


As a Global Goals League Mentor you are expected to:

  • Attend an introductory training session on November 30th 2018, preparing you for your role.

  • Participate in the High Level League Launch Event on December 1st at the Alexandra Football Centre.

  • Attend rehearsal from 10 to 12, lunch and kick off from 1 till 3. The event will be attended by dignitaries and celebrities and have 400 children participating.

  • Meet with the girls for mentoring sessions (Minimum once a month) throughout the year. You will be helping the girls engage with their chosen Sustainable Development Goal and initiate community action. (Note You are not required to be a football coach or player to be a mentor)

  • Organise minimum one inspirational event in 2019 inviting your local community, social group or co-students to learn about the Global Goals and share ideas for action. This could take place at Next Gen innovation spaces or invite them all to come see a League Game.

Your opportunities as a Global Goals League Mentor.

  • Join the International Community of Global Goals Activists, which counts some of the most powerful thought leaders and influencers of the world.

  • You will be recognised as a valued partner, and your profile will be shared across our communication platforms.

  • At the end of the program you will receive a certificate of service for the Global Goals signed by the Directors of Eir Soccer and SAP Next-Gen.

To apply please fill out the form below.

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