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The European Ambassador Coaches Have been Selected!

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For GGWCup Europe we are doing something special…

12 Female Coaches from all over Europe have been selected to accept the Global Goals Challenge: They will each set a team of awesome women from their home country and participate in the Global Goals World Cup in May. The players on the teams are a new kind of sports stars and role models. They have all had to overcome social or cultural barriers to participate in sport. They will help us better understand what it takes to engage more women in sport, and make them feel like they belong - they are our experts!

From December 7-9 the selected Ambassador Coaches will meet each other for the first time at our clinic in Copenhagen. Here we will share ideas and experiences, and each coach will make her own individual action plan for how she will set and coach her team, and how she will use the Global Goals as a tool to give the team a joint mission of action and advocacy for what they believe in.

We can’t wait to bring all these amazing Women together, and find new and playful ways to make sport fit for the future we want, and fit for women :)

Thank you! to the brave coaches who have accepted this challenge. A few more coaches are still being added to the program. See where they are from below. Over the next weeks we will post a series of stories to introduce you properly to these exceptional women. So stay tuned.