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Citizen's Climate Pledge

In January 2019, a group of extraordinary athletes came together to develop an important message to their fans at the Luge World Championships 2019 in Winterberg, Germany.

The video is shown during the games in Germany just now. M INC. › change the game made the video in collaboration with a group of remarkable Luge athletes, who are showing much needed leadership in the fight against climate change.

Sign the Citizen's Climate Pledge.

The SDGs were adopted by 193 countries at the UN in 2015. Every citizen in the world can hold their leaders accountable to the SDGs. Everyone can also participate in working for the goals in their neighborhood and throughout the world. It is truly a citizens agenda for a sustainable future,” – Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

By signing the Climate Pledge you are sending a message to the decision makers, companies and to all levels of society, to implement ambitious policies and practices which prevent the harmful effects of climate change and to secure the living conditions of mankind, as promised in the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

About M INC. › change the game

M INC. › change the game helps sport leaders, nationally and internationally, turn good governance into a winning strategy for building trust, growth and performance into the future.

Michael Pedersen, Founder of M INC. › change the game, is an internationally recognized expert in sport governance, transparency, ethics and integrity. He is an integrity coach, a thought leader and a street volunteer.