Get the latest from the fields of GGWCup

These are the teams lining up in Bangkok tomorrow!

Best of luck tomorrow to our fantastisk GGWCup Bangkok teams.

We can't wait to see them in action! The teams represent a multitude of nationalities, professions and backgrounds. But they share a passion for making the World better. The order or the team photos is not random. Teams are ordered by their Action Score, left to right beginning with The Justice League who have led an impressive fundraising and awareness campaign, very closely followed by the Pink Falcons and Big Mango FC. 
In a Global Goals World Cup tournaments, games are decided by a special point system. Designed to expand the definition of success, and allow fun and exiting games between teams of different skill levels.
 After each game 4 points are given: One for scoring most goals, one for creative style  one for mobilizing the crowd and one for actions for the goals.  This means, that in any game, the team entering into the Cup with the highest action score of the two teams playing, wins the action point. The total winner of the game is the team with most points out of the 4 possible.

Let's Play :)  

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