about Global goals world cup


Why our Teams Get Points for Creative Style

The Global Goals World Cup is not your average soccer tournament. 
We think changing the world is an extreme sport. 
Sometimes –in order to change the world, you have to change the rules.
-so we did: 

After each game 4 points are given:

 |  For most goals scored  |  For most supporting crowd  | 
For most original team style  |  For best action for the Global Goals

This is why we give points for original and creative style

Fact: The game of soccer (or football to some) was originally created by men, for men. -And so were the uniforms. Although millions of women play soccer today, the sport hasn’t changed: Women play with the same ball as the men –(while most other sports have created equipment that fits women).  -And apart from tiny modifications, they play in the same uniforms.

There are many good things to say about not differentiating between male and female players, allowing everyone to just enjoy the game without focusing on their gender. However, we do challenge the level of equality when one gender by default had no say in the creation of the look and feel of the sport.

This is why we add creative style to the scoreboard (apart from the fact that the teams look awesome !)
The mission of the Global Goals World Cup is to rethink sport and expand our capacity to embrace diversity and a more complex sense of purpose –adding more layers to: ”who is the strongest?”
So we invite the teams to activate the creative and playful part of themselves, and think:
If we had been the original designers of soccer. What would it have looked like?

Change design - Change the world
There is much evidence to support, that design shapes our way of thinking and vice versa. If we are going to rise to the challenge that we have given ourselves: To reach the 17 Global Goals (UN SDG's) by 2030, we desperately need to activate all the creative and innovative powers of humanity! So maybe, just maybe it wouldn't hurt to shake things up a bit. And sport is as good a place to start as any. It is in our lives, all around us, every day...

We have already changed the ball,  now Let’s get creative on the outfits!