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Which Global Goals sparks the activist in you? Earn Action Points.


We think changing the world is an extreme sport. Sometimes to change the world you have to change the rules - so we did. And our alternative point system reflect the many ways we all can play for a better world.

To qualify to play in a GGWcup the team have to choose one of the 17 UN Global Goals to play for - and after each game four points are given: 1 point for style, 1 for action, 1 for most scores goals and 1 for best crowd engagement. And to win a GGWCup you have to be both the most sensational and the most creative activists and football players combined.

So far more than 20,000 actions have been taken, and some have even changed laws.

Ahead of the GGWCup Europe in Copenhagen, we want to inspire you with a look back at a few of the many actions teams have taken in order to score action points.

We encourage our teams to think outside the box when it comes to their actions. What can you bring to the table because of your unique perspective and experience? Which of the 17 Global Goals spark the activist in you?

Follow along….


Team Spectacular 8 - GGWCup Dubai 2018

Team Spectacular 8 played at GGWCup Dubai 2018! for Goal 14: Life Below Water. We were blown away by Spectacular 8’s beach cleaning efforts in which they collected more than 120,000 cigarette buts and over 60 kg of plastic waste with the help of volunteers. We were especially impressed by Gina Fernandez’ creative use of the cigarette butts to create a sculpture of an endangered turtle named Tilly!

Their actions for the turtles became a global mascot for awareness campaigns on beach litter, schools adopted Tilly the Turtle and it made its way to Rome with a message to the Pope. And Tilly the Turtle raced its way and made it to the Cover Story of Gulf News

The awareness campaign ended up getting the government to impose fines.

More on Facebook.


Pink Falcons - GGWcup Bangkok 2017 & 2019

Pink Falcons has played at not just one, but two GGWCup Tournament’s in Bangkok for Goal 13: Climate Action. The team is made up of mothers and leaders from NIST International School, fighting for a better future for the next generation. With their campaign to #bringblackbluesky, Pink Falcon’s absolutely took over social media, as team members shared their everyday actions to fight climate change! But the action didn’t end there, as Pink Falcon’s organized a spectacular Green Wall at NIST with the help of children from the school in order to spread their message for a more sustainable future.

Follow the action on Instagram: @pink_falcons.

“Through our commitment, we will be able to deliver the awareness and importance of the climate changes and the effects that follow. We hope, as parents, to encourage our children, family, friends and local communities to take their small actions forward. We believe that any little changes we have made each day will make a big impact to generations after us.”


Bike Spice Your Life - GGWCup Copenhagen 2016

Bike Spice Your Life wowed the crowds at our first ever GGWCup in CPH back in 2016 with their bike inspired routine! We loved their unique style and funky moves encouraging us all to bike spice our lives to support Goal 13: Climate Action.

There are approximately 560,000 bikes in the city of Copenhagen (more than people!), the location of our GGWCup Europe on May 14th!

Bike Facts

  • When we build a bicycle track, bicycle traffic in creases 10-20 %

  • In 2016 number of cyclist crossing the city centre of Copenhagen exceeded the number of cars.

  • 75 % of bicycle traffic continues throughout winter.

… more fact on Cycling Embassy of Denmark.


Team SanScar! - GGWCup Mumbai 2019

Team SanScar! is a fierce team that played for Global Goal 5 and gender equality with a loud and clear message at the GGWCup Mumbai 2019: Anything you can do, I can do bleeding.

More about the team here and Instagram.

Mission SanScar aims to promote good health and hygiene for young women in India. “We run behavioral intervention programs for girls” says Urvi, “where we make them aware what their body is, what puberty looks like, and how to take care of themselves when they’re menstruating.” Getting girls and young women to understand their own bodies is tantamount in a society in which “taboos around women’s sexual health and menstrual hygiene” abound, says Sumati. For Sumati, women’s sexual health is “a starting point” for a variety of issues, “from women’s empowerment, to financial stability, to getting a graduate degree, all of it starts with knowing your own body.”


San Diego Soccer Women - GGWCup New York 2018

From GGWCup Final New York 2018.

From GGWCup Final New York 2018.

San Diego Soccer Women played with a mission at our GGWCup Final in New York in 2018: to reduce inequality in opportunities for mature women to participate in sport.

San Diego Soccer Women soccer women tackled the persistent invisibility of mature women in the sports community with a goal of highlighting more older female players in the media and beyond. While women in sports are constantly underrepresented, the issue increases exponentially with age as the forces of sexism and ageism prove an especially critical combination which erases the goals of older recreational soccer playing women. Team Captain Brandi Mitchell explains:

Each player and teammate benefits from this movement by feeling the pride of being an adult athlete.

Some of their major actions included: creating a short video of soccer women age 65+ at the San Diego Senior Games and distributed it to news media in Australia, the US and the UK; joining the FARE Network, which promotes anti-discrimination practices for soccer leagues worldwide; contacting the Canadian Senior Games Association about adding age 55+ women's soccer to their sports for 2019.

See all the team’s actions before the GGWCup Finals in New York, and follow the San Diego Soccer Women on Instagram.


Will you join this action hall of fame at GGWCup Europe in Copenhagen on May 14th?!

We want to see you show off your biggest and baddest actions at our first ever GGWCup Europe. We want to celebrate YOUR sustainable solutions and innovative ideas, so bring it on! 

All women are pre-qualified to play in the world’s first activist football tournament. Get ready to play here.