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HERE and the Global Goals Week 2019 with GGWCup

by HERE and Howard Hunt.

HERE meditation during pre match activation workshop.

HERE meditation during pre match activation workshop.

HERE was honored to be part of yet another marvelous GGWCup event, and equally thrilled for the opportunity to increase our participation. We kicked off on the Saturday, with a call to action to participate in a short meditation for World Peace Day, using the HERE app. Aside from celebrating the birthday of HERE, it's an important day for world citizens to pause, and think about how achieving the SDG's will lead to living together more harmoniously. It's HERE's mission to help people access greater inner peace, on the way to achieving greater world peace.

The opportunity to visit Nightingale-Bamford School and teach the girls about moving meditation was a real treat this year. Listening to the stories of the players from Saudi Arabia and India was so inspiring, and it was incredible to see the reactions of class members as they learned about the challenges, achievements and perseverance the teams required just to be present at the games.

On the morning of event day I felt privileged to open with an invocation. We know everyone always turns up excited for the games, so taking a moment to breathe and harmonize together is an important way to start the day. The theme for my invocation was 'we are all angels' as an angel is someone who shows up exactly the right time to assist in divine magnitude.

The afternoon panels allowed us to bring a little respite back to those who really needed it. Howard talked about the importance of becoming resilient by learning to take better care of our emotional wellbeing. He shared on the theme of coherence, since the science of the connection between heart and mind presents a nice opportunity to bring people together. I followed with a panel on the work that HERE is doing to help heal the world, before the room shared in a 10 minute meditation using the HERE app and the MindTravel headphones. The beauty about this session, was that those who really needed it were present. Afterwards, we were touched to receive comments from people who said they really needed the meditation session, and were thrilled that it was an option for them so late in the day.

All-in-all an incredibly exciting week, and HERE was pleased to have played a small role in what is truly a remarkable event. We're very thankful to the GGWCup team and all the partners that make it possible and we cannot wait to work on new ideas for the next cup gathering.


The HERE Meditation app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.