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Leaving No Goal Behind On and Off the Field

While specific goals like zero hunger or quality education target issues that many countries face, radical change would still be impossible without GOAL #17: Partnership for the Goals. SDGChangemakers is a team coming from the Tri-State Area (New York, Connecticut and New Jersey) to represent the importance of this initiative.

Roger Worme is the passionate founder of SDG Changemakers.

Roger Worme is the passionate founder of SDG Changemakers.

SDG Changemakers is currently an online community that aims to raise awareness about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, informing the public about events and local efforts. Roger Worme, the founder of this inclusive platform, emphasizes the importance of unifying all “five rings of a dynamic society” to reach GOAL #17. These five rings include: individuals, families, businesses, community organizations, and governments. The more voices we have standing behind the UN Global Goals, the more they are able to generate sustainable change.

“Our focus is unifying all dynamics of society to ensure no goal is left behind,”
Roger Worme -Founder SDG Changemakers
Miykal (Sapphire) Carrington

Miykal (Sapphire) Carrington

The team captain, Miykal Carrington, is a leader of a politcal party in the Commonwealth of Dominica, known as the People’s Party of Dominica. She has also been involved with organizing Climate Reality - another team playing in Global Goals World Cup. The players of SDG Changemakers plan to take advantage of their location leading up to Global Goals World Cup.

Pop up action for the Global Goals
They will host practices at two different locations in New York City. The first will take place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the weekend of September 9th and 10th and then at Times Square during the weekend of the 16th and 17th. These aren’t your ordinary soccer practices. The team will have live entertainment and providing the crowd with lots of information about the global goals and placards for people to take photos with. These campaigns have the potential to reach out to thousands of people through sports in a huge city like New York.

“Sports are about working hard. It’s about the blood and the sweat. In the end we feel good about ourselves and the people when we get the community and the young people involved in creating this world." Worme says

Soccer is a universal language that has the power to unite people from all over the world. Worme therefore wants to endorse their slogan as #NoGoalLeftBehind, -a perfect analogy for the love of the game and the unity that GOAL #17 contributes to the world we want to live in.