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The Global Goals World Cup is an alternative activist world cup for women from all over the world. We partner with the UN, and other global organisations to use the power of sport to raise awareness for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) and inspire women to become change agents in their local communities by choosing one of the Global Goals to play and campaign for. 

The tournaments are vibrant one day events (Afternoon/evening) with short intense games and lots of great conversation and interaction in between.  Surprise VIP's food and music and cool prizes. We play five-a-side on grass or asphalt. We use a special 4 point system where style, action and crowd is scored the same as goals:  See the Eventpage for New York here

Everywhere we play, we always aim to partner with local and global companies and organisations, who want to be part of making the Global Goals a reality. We go out of our way to invite people and organisations from all parts of society to participate, because this is how we believe we will reach the goals. -By all working together and recognizing that each of us have something unique to contribute. 

If you work for a company, or are part of an organisation, or maybe just feel like being part of this, then find below a list of things that we need your help with. 

All our partners are recognised in our communication and at the event. This year we are playing in beautiful Riverside Park on Upper West Side. We are currently fundraising to create a large scale campaign, which will create massive exposure for the event and the many people who contribute to making an event like this possible. 


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Contribute to the GGWCup event and campaign budget and gain recognition as funding partner. 
Please contact us to learn more about how we plan to make this the most visible GGWcup ever in collaboration with the movement makers from Purpose



Please have a look and tick off the area where you think you may want to contribute. Our organizing team will get in contact with you about details. You may also want to donate the cost of any of these things and be recognized by name as event contributor. 

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