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BIG FC: It Doesn’t Hurt to Do Good


Many carry the notion that living sustainably means being prepared to sacrifice or compromise lifestyles in order to afford being sustainable.. Meanwhile, discoveries about the worsening climate change continue to unfold. However, this just a misconception. BIG FC is bringing forward lasting solutions as they stand up for GOAL #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Meet team BIG FC
This team is a group of architects, designers, communications and office operations from BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, based in New York, London and Copenhagen. They look at how sustainable cities or building can increase the quality of lives. They find ways of designing urban infrastructures as double ecosystems that are both ecologically and economically profitable, and where the outcome doesn’t actually force people to alter their lifestyles to have a better conscience.

“It is one of our tenets to approach the question of sustainability not as a moral dilemma but as a design challenge,” say the architects and designers of BIG FC.

The women of BIG FC believe that soccer is a chance to bring like-minded groups of people together and move their energy not just towards the net goal, but also the common vision that the UN Global Goals unite.

The Global Goals Are Not Just for Governments and NGO's
BIG FC brings a new perspective to the table at Global Goals World Cup, showing us how companies make it their mission to produce sustainable differences in this world. They plan to use knowledge as power and make noise about their work throughout the weeks leading up to the tournament.

“We plan to raise awareness by sharing the ways our projects have exemplified the notion of hedonistic sustainability: that it doesn’t have to hurt to do good!” 

About BIG
Their current projects include the BIG U, a resilience infrastructure for Lower Manhattan that features specialized social and environmental amenities, while also protecting the city against floods and storm water. Another project they are working on, called the Amager Resource Center, is a waste-to-energy plant that serves as a ski slope and hike trail for the citizens of Copenhagen — making the world cleaner and more fun at the same stroke!

“As architects, designers and facilitators of the built environment, it is not only our possibility, but even our responsibility to change the surface of the planet for the better and to make our physical world a bit more like our dreams, or our fantasies,”
say the team members of BIG FC.
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