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Artist Hayan Maani Creates Mother Earth Trophy for GGWCup UAE

By creating the Global Goals World Cup we set out to creatively reinvent sport to make it fit for the future we want. This means that we playfully challenge everything from the arena to the rules, the uniforms and even the trophy. We truly believe that art and sport share a natural kinship, and from the beginning, our medals have been the beautiful little sun solar lamps by Olafur Eliasson. Symbolising the bright light of hope for a better and sustainable future. Now we are so thrilled that the brilliant artist Hayan Maani has honoured us by creating an original piece of art to be the GGWCup UAE trophy. 

The trophy is named "The Mother Earth Trophy" Learn about the symbolism of the elements below. 

Thank you to our amazing partners and sponsors who are making this possible

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