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New partnership will bring GGWCUP to the MENA region!

Vineetha Mathew, Dima Maaytah and Noora Mohammad of Dubai based Sustainable Mindz

Vineetha Mathew, Dima Maaytah and Noora Mohammad of Dubai based Sustainable Mindz

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3 Sustainable Minds, 17 Global Goals

We We are thrilled to introduce Sutainable Mindz as our partner in the MENA region.
Vineetha Mathew, Dima Maaytah and Noora Mohammad are the founders of this boutique consulting agency and knowledge center. They draw on years of industry specific experience to guide companies in a more socially and environmentally sustainable direction.

We fell in love with their creativity and dedication to sustainable development. As well as the fact that they found it completely natural to use something as unlikely as a women's soccer tournament to boost awareness, understanding and commitment to the SDG's in their region. 

The objective of the partnership is for Sustainable Mindz to be our inside connection and strategic partners in the region. Forging strong partnerships and building the momentum and financial foundation for a series of tournaments and campaigns in the years to come, starting with the UAE in early 2018. 

Sustainable Mindz about the partnership:

‘’We are very excited to partner with EIR Soccer to host the GGWCUP in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and going further in the MENA region. At Sustainable Mindz we believe that ‘Collaboration’ is key in achieving the Global Goals and every stakeholder in the community can make a ‘Difference’.
GGWCUP is a unique initiative and that is using sports as a catalyst in creating community action towards achieving the SDG’s. What we have planned here is a series of powerful events/campaigns that will look at showcasing the power of sports to engage the community and women in particular in the taking actions to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainable Development.’’
Read more about Sustainable Mindz here

Global Goals, Local Action

Partnerships are both the cornerstone of the GGWCUP strategy for growth, and also one of our core values. Just like no one can achieve all the Global Goals alone, we do not believe that we can create a meaningful, alternative women's World Cup without creating a family partners all around the world. Our goal with any GGWCUP event is always to create a strong local anchoring of the global agenda of the goals. We want the teams and partners to feel empowered and inspired to take action for the Goals in their own communitites and in their everyday lives.

Some of our other partners like UNDP, Save the Children and GAIN are massive global players. But it is always through their local offices and their connection to people on the ground, that the magic happens.