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Welcome to 2017! Let's get Involved!

The 17 UN Global goals for Sustainable Development agreed by 193 nations in 2015 are the must win battles of our generation. They will require an extraordinary and unified effort from governments, NGO’s, private companies and civil societies. But the real key to success is that we – the people –get engaged and take action. 
In his final speech US President Barak Obama said: "Change only happens when ordinary people get involved" 
If you ask us: What are we fighting for? This is it: To create a space where ordinary people, especially ordinary women feel that they have the power to do extraordinary things, power to change the world. That is what Global Goals World Cup is about. We are setting out to use sport to ignite activism all over the world. Next stop Nairobi. We hope you will join us. Virtually or in real life. March 5th is the day. Warming up for international Womens day, we will play for the change we want to see in this world. 
We would like to thank our amazing partners who are with us on this journey: The danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Save the Children, UNDP and joining the team in Kenya: Safraicom and MYSA. We look so much forward to embarking on this journey with you.