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Guided by the UN’s 17 Global Goals we are building a unique football/soccer tournament that inspires and mobilizes women locally to revolutionize women's action for the world and reach the 17 Global Goals.

If each and everyone of us push and play for the world we believe in, the world will move. When we take action today locally, we can change the future globally. We the people can start a movement. Every time we visit a new country and city we meet women who come together to play for the world they want to live in. They want to move a conversation, a local community, an attitude. It's and honor to introduce you to …


“During menstruation in India women stay out of their homes for five days.”

GGWCup Mumbai 2019 & Global Goals 6 Clean Water & Sanitation

The Myna Mahila Foundation works to empower women to talk about issues that they are afraid to discuss out loud and we salutes this spirit! The women have not before been employed or got an education. The women manufacture hygiene pads and conduct hygiene menstruation sessions.

In the GGWCup team Myna Bol played for Global Goal 6 Clean Water & Sanitation. The oldest team member was 51 years old and the team won for most original style & attitude February 2nd 2019 in Mumbai.

Learn more about the team’s actions leading up to the GGWCup and get social here: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Myna is participating in the Global Goals World Cup by Sustainable Mindz in Mumbai in less than a week, in pursuit of the goal of Clean Water and Sanitation! However, many of our Myna Women do not have the required sports shoes for the Football tournament. We are now reaching out to you with a request for donations of 8 sports shoes! These will help our Myna women give their best at the tournament and win!
— Maria Kuriakose

Artist and social activist Rouble Nagi is using the healing power of art to enliven Maharashtra's slums and educate children.

GGWCup Mumbai 2019 & Global Goals 5 Gender Equality

It’s an honor to welcome Rouble onto the GGWCup Dream Team. She is a beautiful artist & social activist who will expand your heart and imagination for how colors will change lives.

Read more the art project “Misaal Mumbai” here.


“I love seeing teenagers grow into these impossibly awesome people.”

Funded by Danish Embassy in South Africa.

Skateistan means: The Land of skate. It is our land.

It all started with one man and his three skateboards on the streets of Kabul in 2007. His idea became Skateistan, the first international development initiative to combine skateboarding with educational outcomes. Although it started in Afghanistan, Skateistan now runs in Cambodia and South Africa too, reaching thousands of children and youth.

At the GGWCup we had four new Global Goals Champion teams (Madiba Youth org., Kromdraai Girls, Team Dedela and The Soccer Divas Club, Mombasa), and we honored two other teams for their endless support and love for the game: Skateistan SA playing for Gender Equality and Nirvana - amazing rolemodels and new leaders. #BeTheGeneration.

I love seeing teenagers grow into these impossibly awesome people. Just by watering them with simple compliments and “let me help with your equation, let me help with your maths, I’m here Saturdays, let me help you with this.
— Cynthia, educator Skateistan

“Anything you can do, I can do bleeding.“

Team SanScar! is a fierce team that played for Global Goal 5 with a a loud and clear message at the GGWCup Mumbai 2019: “Anything you can do, I can do bleeding”.

Women’s sexual health is a starting point for a variety of issues, from women’s empowerment, to financial stability, to getting a graduate degree, all of it starts with knowing your own body.

Mission SanScar aims to promote good health and hygiene for young women in India. “We run behavioral intervention programs for girls” says Urvi, “where we make them aware what their body is, what puberty looks like, and how to take care of themselves when they’re menstruating.” Getting girls and young women to understand their own bodies is tantamount in a society in which “taboos around women’s sexual health and menstrual hygiene” abound, says Sumati.

The SDGs were adopted by 193 countries at the UN in 2015. Every citizen in the world can hold their leaders accountable to the SDGs. Everyone can also participate in working for the goals in their neighborhood and throughout the world. It is truly a citizens agenda for a sustainable future.
— Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway & Chair of The SDG Advocates

¡Felicitaciones a las chicas de La Liga del Potrero Femenina, una liga de fútbol femenina de Buenos Aires dedicada al deporte que rompe barreras de género y promueve un mundo mejor! Descubre los 17 Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible: Messi (Facebook)

“Congratulations to the girls of La Liga del Potrero Femenina – an all-female football league in Buenos Aires dedicated to sport, breaking gender barriers and promoting a better world!” – Leo Messi

Funded by Arla Food Ingredients, the Danish Embassy, Boca Social Foundation, The City of Buenos Aires.

A new football league, “La Liga del Potrero Femenina”, for girls between the ages of 12-17 from neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires has launched April 2018.

The participating teams will each pick one of the 17 UN Global Goals to play for during the duration of the tournament. Through play they will learn and teach about the important goals that matter to them and to all of us.

In March 2019 we went back to kick-start our second season for our Global Goals League and Danish Crown Prince Frederik came to visit.


“We play field or no field.”

Funded by Roskilde Music Festival.

In 2011 Eir Soccer established Asylum United; a weekly soccer practice for refugee women living in asylum camps in Denmark who would attended games and tournaments on a national level.

The refugee teams also joined our Sensational street soccer tournament at Roskilde Music Festival. The event hosts 120 women soccer teams camping for three days.

Today Asylum United has grown into its own organisation in Denmark and is run by a brilliant group of women. Everywhere we go, we organize events and reach out to women living in refugee situations to invite them to come share experiences, play and be part of the local soccer.


“We all come from different tribes, but we come together to play football.”

Funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

GGWCup Nairobi 2017 & Global Goals 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talks to GGWCup team Soccer Divas from Mombasa about the role of sport and women in creating Peace and Justice.

The team played in the GGWCup Nairobi 2017 and again in Johannesburg in 2018 and was one of the four winners.


About Kristian Foldager - Video & cinematography

Kristian is a filmmaker and partner in Bread And Butter based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Kristian is a chief storyteller and probably a strong candidate for the "most hours spent filming women's soccer" award. Yet his stories are always fresh and scrubbed clean of cliches. We will never own the words to express what he can show in just a few seconds of well cut film.

Kristian have been following the GGWCup since the beginning and through small documentaries, he fuels the actions of the teams working and playing for the global goals.

Watch more work from Kristian here.

Kristian Foldager GGWCup Dox.png

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The world’s leading companies and organisations partner with GGWCup to connect with people to gain global exposure and create sustainable impact.

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