Registration Dominica

YES! You should absolutely register your team and join us on November 2. in Roseau
Here is a bit of practical information: 

This is a women's tournament. -Men are VERY welcome as supporters :)
Games are played on small street size pitches.
Regular shoes are worn. No soccer cleats. 
The goalie can use hands. No special uniform required.
Each team will play 3-4 games of 6 minutes.
Games are won by a 4 point system divided between the two teams: 
1 point: Most goals scored
1 point: Most original Style/outfit/attitude/presence
1 point: Best crowd/Crowd engagement
1 point: Best advocacy and action for your chosen goal.
See the "How to register" page for more details.

Note. Registration  is free. However, a set number of teams are selected for participation based on their registration information and actions for their Global Goal leading up to the event. 

NAME (Team Captain. You will be our primary point of contact) *
NAME (Team Captain. You will be our primary point of contact)
Do you represent a company or organization? please enter website and/or which facebook page/SoMe handles you would like us to use for tagging your team.
Who will play on your team? -You do not need to have all your teammates confirmed yet. Just an idea of who you are. Where are you from? Why do you want to play for your chosen goal? What ideas do you have for taking action/promoting your goal? IMPORTANT: Take a cool team photo as soon as you have most of your teammates. -Show us who you are :) Send to -remember to write your team name.
Choose your Global Goal