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The GGWCUP could not exist without its many dedicated sponsors and partners.
We are continuously looking to team up with corporate partners, hosts, and organizations with a strong commitment to sustainable development and a vision to leverage the power of sport for the UN Global Goals. 


WHO WE ARE  Eir soccer is a grassroots women soccer movement, passionate about giving women and girls access to sport and allowing them to create their own soccer experience. We do this through unconventional soccer events.  We have partnered with  UNDP , creating a play-for-change soccer tournament that promotes the UN 17  Global Goals . Eir and UNDP share a common cause: Everyone has the right to play and to fight for freedom. Self-discovery and playful interaction through sports is one of the most empowering ways to restore dignity, unity and hope. Therefore, together, we connect women around the world through soccer, play and fun.

Hosts – Realize the sustainable development potential of your community 

Our local hosts are the most important key in a successful event. When we have identified a host, we co-create the special focus and legacy, which is going to be the unique quality of this specific event, and which will fit the local context. 
The GGWC model is built on partnerships, while we have guiding principles and key elements which are universal, not two cups are the same. 

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Global Corporate Partners.
Help build a global movement 

We are looking to create a select team of corporate partners, who are characterised by their strong commitment to sustainable development, and their understanding of the importance of innovative partnerships in achieving the Global Goals. To partner with us, companies must factor sustainability into their business model.

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Our local partners join the ggwcup organising team for a local event close to their headquarters, a key production plant or a key market. They help fund the cost of the event, and participate in scoping the focus and legacy of the event.  

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The ggwcup is a non-exclusive partnership project. All organisations and regular citizens who are passionate about taking action for The Global Goals are invited to set teams, play or participate in the event setup.

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It is a fantastic way to give expression to something that is the great potential of sport, to give back to society
— Moya Dodd, Australia. Member of the FIFA executive committee
The Global Goals World Cup Tournament is a great example of bringing sport and politics together to create those partnerships that are necessary to achieve our common goals.
— Kristian Jensen, Denmark. Minister of Foreign Affairs
Sport is symbolic because it means that you have to participate, you have to go on the pitch when it is football, you have to try and score the goals, and you need to work as a team
— Helle Thorning, Denmark. General Secretary of Save the Children International
It is not just about what we do in these spaces right now, this is about giving you the tools and about empowering you, to go live out and continue to promote that agenda in your private lives. In your own homes, in your own workplaces
— Rufus Gifford, USA. US Ambassador to Denmark
Danfoss is already active in many public-private partnerships, mainly with the United Nations Environment Program, the UN Global Compact and Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All). This time is different, the Global Goals World Cup really allows for active engagement of employees. “Awareness-raising is the first thing we need to do, to hold our governments accountable when it comes to the implementation of the Global Goals.
At Danfoss we are already planning to keep the team after the tournament and replicate it at our Danfoss campuses across the world
— Birgitte Ladefoged, Denmark. HR Director Danfoss