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GGWCup NYC 2019 september 25th

Signup your team. Pick your goal. Share your action.


Welcome to the world’s first activist 5v5 football tournament.

To qualify as a team, you have to choose one of the 17 UN Global Goals to play and take action for. On game day, your 6-8 women team will play matches that last 6 minutes.

We evaluate all applications and will get back to you within the next fire days. All qualified team will need to share a team picture and all team players name. We will get back to you about this.

When you signup you create the team profile

Everything you share will be part of your team profile on the GGWCup website. Therefor please write in complete sentences to avoid any mistakes. We want your profile to be as powerful as possible.

Your team profile will be created like a blog. We will update your profile with your team actions and your fans can comment, cheer and help you score points. You can read about the different pointsystem under Get ready to play under Tournaments in the top menu of our website.

If you have any questions? Please reach out to Marie.

Signup your team

It is free to apply and play, but the number of team spots are limited. We will let you know if your team has qualified within the next five days.

Please be aware that we will place your description, exactly as is, onto the Team Profile.

We are excited to get to know your team.

Name of Team Captain *
Name of Team Captain
As Team Captain you will be our primary point of contact.
Contact number *
Contact number
Enter country code for non US
Be creative and pick a name that reflects who you are, your team's Goals and works well when yelled out loud.
Choose your Global Goal
What ideas do you have for taking action and promoting your goal?
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All team players are 18+
We will all be able to be at Hudson Yards September 25th from noon *