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Get the classic Table Football special edition

Design: Rafael Rodríguez

RS Barcelona is a family business established in 1975 in a small metallurgy workshop in Barcelona, Spain. Today they make amazing ping pong tables, pool tables and classic foosball. Yes, RS # 2 is a classic foosball table you can customize.

The RS # 2 GGWCup edition in pink and with female players on the field is designed for the tournament in Prague May 29, 2019.

Read more about the first GGWCup in Prague and our partner Association of Social Responsibility here.

 Let there be play!


Read the Book 2030 NOW

The 2030 NOW coffee table book features the 17 Global Goals while highlighting the Global artists, scientists, activists, celebrities, business leaders and politicians as ambassadors, all sharing their personal commitment to achieving the UN 2030 Goals.

We can all make a difference. Each local hero represents an important voice pushing each one of us to contribute in some way. And perhaps those concrete and demonstrated actions hold every one of us accountable about the future. The book inspires us to imagine that our lives could be different. The book is generously filled with exclusive photos by French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and published by LIFE Publishing.

One of the ambassador for Global Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities is Danish actor and UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Nikolaj is also a GGWCup Advisor and a familiar face on the GGWCup referee team.

Read the review (Danish).


Play with the football designed for women by Eir Soccer

Many young girls and women are playing soccer with a men’s size soccer ball. Most other sports like basketball, golf, tennis, and hurdle race have adjusted equipment to give players the best chance to succeed. In soccer, players aged 14-19 suffer one serious injury per year.

With a 90% chance of a suffering second injury, many of them retire from the game before they ever reach their prime.

The Eir ball has been developed to fit women’s size and weight, to reduce injuries and enable a faster game. This is why we use exclusively them in our GGWCup Tournaments. By offering both safe, competitive, and playful ways of playing soccer we hope to increase the ability, confidence, and desire to be active.

Since 2008 we have created and designed different balls to support different players

The Original Global Goals Ball Supports UN/UNDP and partners in spreading the 17 Global Goals

Do Democracy Raises funds for a program that teaches players to use their voice 

Art Rebel Raises funds and awareness for RedCross Asylum United, the first women’s refugee soccer league 

Girl Be Heard & Karma An initiative supporting performances by girl refugees from Afghanistan and other war torn countries in cooperation with US State Department

Eir Black Raised funds for an Afghan women’s and men’s national team bus. 


Get the special ball and share your idea for a new design

Purchase the original football made for women online. If you have any questions or want to buy more than 15 balls just write us.

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