Local Organizers


Local GGWCup organizers

Everywhere we bring the GGWCup we always start by creating strong partnership with local partners and organizers. They are the key to a succesful GGWCup.

Through the years, an amazing group of organizsers have contributed to the many GGWCups around the world. Some local organizing partners are players, others are organisations introduced to GGWCup by their network or vice versa. No matter the size of our local organizers, we always aim to build a unique and successful GGWCup within a budget that balance ambitions and opportunities.

Many will bring the GGWCup and the Global Goals back to their homefield year after year. It is an honor to introduce …

Meet the Mindz (from left): Vineetha Mathew - Dima Maaytah - Noora Moh’d.

Meet the Mindz (from left): Vineetha Mathew - Dima Maaytah - Noora Moh’d.

Sustainable Mindz

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The vision behind Sustainable Mindz is to be a center of excellence to create a unique platform that will allow a better world by helping others to impact theirs. Sustainable Mindz find unusual solutions to unusual challenges.

We are proud to have Sustainable Mindz as our partner in the MENA region. Please contact Dima Maaytah on how you and your organization can be involved and advance the impact of the tournament.


Association of Social Responsibility

The Czech Republic

The Association of Social Responsibility is the largest initiative of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Czechia. Within its unique vision, and with more than 270 members, the Association brings together involved parties and it links organizations from the corporate, non-profit, educational, and public sectors to increase their CSR and sustainable business potential and abilities.

Since 2016, A-CSR has been the national ambassador of a major global event Giving Tuesday and as such, the Association has contributed to the culture of donation in Czechia. Since 2017, the Association has been organizing the prestigious SDGs Awards that are a unique way of recognition of fulfilling the UN SDGs in Czechia. In cooperation with its members, the Association brings to Czechia other global initiatives such as Plogging Czechia, an eco-friendly activity combining jogging with picking up litter. As the national partner of the United Nations Global Compact, A-CSR helps to bring to Czechia the global and unique know-how of this world’s largest sustainable business platform within the United Nations.

Impact Hub Medellin.JPG

Impact Hub Medellín & Gambetiando

Medellin, Colombia

Impact hub Medellín is part of the global Impact Hub network, which is located in more than 100 coworking spaces, in 50 countries. They bring together people with different experiences and visions of the ecosystem, to create ideas, projects and organizations that generate impact.

Gambetiando is a social innovation platform for the health and well-being of vulnerable communities, led by the Impact Hub Medellín and operated by the Football for the Future Foundation, together with a consortium of allies, which uses football as a gateway for the development of socio-emotional skills in a population of boys and girls from Medellín from 10 to 15 years old, creating social entrepreneurs through the strengthening of alliances, creatively using technology to create knowledge, in a manner aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Partner Opportunities at the GGWCup Medellín 2020

Please reach out to co-founder Majken Gilmartin and our local organizer Sebastian Bustamante if you would like to join the coalition of sports for sustainable development in Medellín, Colombia, in 2020.

Read more about GGWCup Partner Opportunities.

Read more about GGWCup Medellín 2020.

Mariam is goalkeeper and team captain. First player from left.

Mariam is goalkeeper and team captain. First player from left.

The Soccer Divas Club

Mombasa, Kenya

Mariam Mumbassa (Captain, Soccer Divas) is the founder of the Soccer Divas Club in Mombasa, Kenya, and have played in a GGWCup twice: GGWCup Nairobi 2017 and GGWCup Johannesburg 2018.

“One other memorable moment was taking an eight hour bus ride all the way from Mombasa to Nairobi we giggled and laughed like little girls all the way. It was so refreshing for all of us. When we arrived in Nairobi, the best part was meeting all the other 27 teams advocating for the different goals. There were so many young girls and women all pursuing common global goals. Taking part in the ggwcup also gave our youngest player the zeal to master all the 17 global goals. The experience has indeed been priceless. We continue to deliberately look for ways in which we can speak about these global goals. We have become global goals ambassadors without knowing it.”

Red the full blog here.

  • In 2019 Mariam will take the lead to bring GGWCup to Mombasa and build the first GGWCup East Africa.



17GoalsAfrica is an organisation set up to inspire, engage and empower everyone to support the realization of SDGs in Nigeria, and by extension, Africa.

Part of its objectives is to build and manage an impactful platform, using sports, entertainment, media, technology, events and other identified creative and effective tools, to drive the awareness and advancement of SDGs.

As noted in the design of our performance measurement framework, the level of participation and involvement of females in our activities towards achieving our goals is key. We want women, ladies and girls to share in the joy that comes with advancing the global goals and also use their influence to carry the male folks along.

And what a time to tap into the opportunity provided by the Global Goals World Cup! It's excitement unspeakable, a dream come true and a challenge worth facing!

We are ready!!!