NGOs / Civil Society – Amplify Your Voice


The GGWCUP is a non-exclusive partnership project. All organisations and regular citizens, who are passionate about taking action for The Global Goals are invited to set teams, play or participate in the event setup.

Become the local core host of an event. Mobilise your community network and corporate / government partners to set up a GGWCUP.
Join the steering group for a GGWCUP in your area, supporting the implementation of a great event by engaging your members and partners in the event. Secure political attention and support, and use the event to lobby your local government to take action on the SDGs.
Mobilise your donors to support your projects or the legacy project by sponsoring a team of your employees or beneficiaries.
Connect to sister organisations around the world and participate as a network to support the GGWCUP.

Branding across all GGWCUP communication platforms during the event and at the event.
Real and human interaction with potential members, donors and stakeholders in your area.
Boosting of employee pride and engagement by strengthening the narrative of your organisation, and your contribution to the SDGs.
Strengthening relationship with local business community. Discovering potential partnership opportunities, and overlapping agendas.
Generating authentic editorial content for your communication platforms about the actions of your teams and on how your projects and agenda link to The Global Goals agenda.
Becoming a member of a global community of SDG advocates. 


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