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  Girls from the    MYSA Football club in Kibera,    Nairobi. Where taking care of each other and the environment is a mandatory part of the membership.  fSrom the MYSA GGils

Girls from the MYSA Football club in Kibera, Nairobi. Where taking care of each other and the environment is a mandatory part of the membership. fSrom the MYSA GGils

Give the gift of playfulness, hope and voice.

Everywhere we play our GGWCup tournaments and hold our Global Goals Impact Games training sessions, we meet people who are doing the best they can to make their world a better place, with whatever resources they have. And we have a burning wish to be able to support them in order to have real impact on the Sustainable Development goals. But for that, we need your help, creating opportunities for women and children to play, hope, and make their voices heard. 

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Special fundraiser for GGWCup Dominica

On September 19th, 2017 8 women came to New York City, excited and prepared to represent their home country, Dominica in the Global Goals World Cup finals. Before the first whistle was blown, the game was over for team Dominica.
Hurricane Maria became the team to beat! The 8 players returned home without playing. Now they want to bring Global Goals World Cup to their own home!
The island is still in disaster recovery mode and the need for inspiration and action is more important than ever. Please help this team of passionate citizens create an event to mobilize local action for the SDG's  and shine a light on powerful role of women in rebuilding their community.  
Any proceeds from the event goes to reestablishing safe sport spaces on the island. 

Support GGWCup with a one-off gift and be an advocate for women’s participation in sustainable development around the world:

$10                           Helps us to train local coaches and teachers to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals through Soccer in their communities.

$50                            Enables us to meet and connect with change-makers around the world, to create and sustain interest in the Sustainable Development Goals.

$100                         Allows us to keep on hosting the games and expand their reach to communities which stand to gain the most from the Sustainable Development Goals.

Buy or Donate Balls  


Our ball producer in Pakistan is ISO14001 certified for environmental standard, and is monitored and rated category A by the Independent Monitoring Association for Child Labour (IMAC)

Buy a Ball that Breaks down  Gender Stereotypes

The unique Global Goals Soccer Ball not only proudly display the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and as such are a great learning tool. But it is the only ball, which has also been scientifically modified to fit women and young players. The current adult size soccer balls were designed for male players and contribute to female players suffering six times as many injuries as male players.
Global Goals Balls have a lower impact upon contact, and allows teams to enjoy playing with less fatigue, higher speed and and a reduced risk of injury. This is why we use them exclusively in our GGWCup Tournaments. 

Sponsor a Player or  a Team

Watch this video to learn the story of Fathime, one of our players  from Kenya, That we were able to bring to the Global Final in New York, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

Become a sponsor of a player or a team, who would not otherwise be able to participate in our events. Give the opportunity to inspire and be inspired and interact with decision makers at the Global Goals World Cup tournaments. Our scholarship players will travel to New York, and stay for 3 days, participating in the tournament and relevant side events. 

Cost to sponsor one player: 1.400 USD

All the money you donate as a sponsor goes directly  towards supporting the player. If you decide to become a sponsor, you will receive a personalized thank you note from the player or team who you helped make it to the final!

Please contact us on if you want to become a sponsor for a player.