SDG5 Dream Team

The SDG5 Dream Team


In the world of sport heroes are celebrated, elevated to be bright stars and to serve as the role models of their generation. When it comes to gender equality activists, this is not the case. They fight their fight behind the lines, unnamed, unseen, often at great personal risk and cost, and with no other reward than truly being the change they want to see in the world.

This is why we have created the SDG5 Dream Team. 8 strong established advocates and role models for gender equality  (male or female) will over the next 6 months each nominate a young woman who may not be famous, but has inspired them through her commitment to gender equality. The SDG 5 Dream Team will play in the Global Goals World Cup in New York in September this year.  We will  promote, cheer for and support them as the amazing champions they are. And from now on, they will never fight their fight alone. they will always have their team. 
The first two players where nominated at an event at the ECOSOC chamber in partnership with the Danish and Kenyan Missions and other partners click on their "soccer cards" to see why they where nominated. (click here for photos from the event)
Stay tuned as we nominate the next players...