YES! You should absolutely register your team here. Join us in New York City for the Global Goals World Cup

Each team will play 3-4 games of 7 minutes. Games are won by a 4 point system divided between the two teams: 
1 point: Most goals scored
1 point: Most original Style/outfit/attitude/presence
1 point: Best crowd/Crowd engagement
1 point: Best advocacy and action for your chosen goal.

The overall winner gets the bragging rights, the GGWCup trophy and tickets to Global Citizen Festival! 

Before each game teams get 30 seconds each to let everyone know who they are and what they stand for. Songs, dances, war chants and peace demonstrations have been known to happen. So let loose. Being loud and visible is not a crime here. Being quiet and focused isn't either. We want YOU. 

NAME (Team Captain. You will be our primary point of contact) *
NAME (Team Captain. You will be our primary point of contact)
CONTACT NUMBER (enter country code for non US)
CONTACT NUMBER (enter country code for non US)
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Who will play on your team? -You do not need to have all your teammates yet. Just do it! and send us names later. Where are you from? Why do you want to play for your chosen goal? What ideas do you have for taking action/promoting your goal? IMPORTANT: Take a cool team photo as soon as you have most of your teammates. -Show us who you are :) Send to -remember write your team name.
Choose your Global Goal