How to Register


When you sign-up your team, we will ask you to pick your team’s Global Goals and how you plan to take action for your goal.
We recommend you read this page with tips and helpful information for your registration.
And remember; football skills are optional - action is mandatory.

Download team manual here Get inspired! Watch past event videos

In order to change the world we changed the rules

The Global Goals World Cup is not business as usual. In this tournament where sports meet activism. You as a player and the  participants needs to be more than just athletes and sport fans. If we are to reach the Global Goals by 2030, we need to release all of our creative and innovative energy from this generation. We can’t wait to se your unique way of speaking up!

A panel of capable judges will after each game give each team four points:

For most goals scored
1 point is awarded for the team that scores the most goals. In the case of a draw, each team gets ½ a point each.

For most supporting crowd
The Global Goals need to have the world’s biggest fan club. And we need each other to reach the goals by 2030. Find ways to raise your unique voice for the goal you will play for.

For most original team style
We truly believe in the power of expression. We reward all kinds of creativity: Uniforms, songs, dances, chants, banners - whatever way you want to express who you are and what you are passionate about.  Go ahead, rock that boat and help us think beyond.

For best action for the Global Goals
This point is given your team before game day and given for how much you activate and engage your fans. It can be via SoMe, in real life, anything… as long as you share your action with us. We can accelerate the change we want to see when "We The Peoples" - from the United Nations Charter - take massive and collective action.

GGWCup Set Your Team

Set your team

Bring together min. 5 and max. 8 of your favorite women; co-workers, sisters, yoga partners, team-mates or friends.
- Women from 18 years and up are invited to play. Every year we also feature some "Next Generation" teams aged 16-17.
- You will be asked to send us a team photo
- You will be asked which Global Goal you play for and why.
- It is free to apply and play, but the number of team spots are limited.

We will let you know if your team has qualified as soon as the final team selection is made.


Pick your Goal

Which Goal appeals most to you?

Which one would you be willing to sweat, fight, and win for?

Tell us your story about why you want to play and take action for this goal.

The selection committee will select the most inspiring teams.

GGWCup Fish over Water Global Goals 14

Take action

Decide how you will work to support your goal. Will you spam all your friends with information and challenges until they too are believers? Will you start a movement? Will you change your habits? Petition your community leaders? Nothing is too big or too small. Just remember, the GGWCUP is won as much off the pitch as on the pitch.

To qualify to play, you must show commitment to your goal.

For inspiration of actions check out our Facebook page, our YouTube or Global Citizen.