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The 17 Global Goals Is The Most Ambitious Plan Ever 

In 2015 193 nations met at the UN and agreed to work together to end poverty, reduce inequality and halt climate change by 2030. Achieving the Goals means that we have lead the way towards eliminating poverty, creating peace and establishing gender equality. And it is going to take all the energy and engagement of humanity to reach the 17 Sustainability Development Goals - Global Goals.  

“The goals are our shared vision of humanity and a social contract between the world's leaders and the people,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “They are a to-do list for people and planet, and a blueprint for success.”


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Set Your Team
Pick Your Goal
Play For The World You Love

We turned our love fr the world and engagement into sports and created a tournament for the goals. The Global Goals World Cup is the first ever women's activist five-a-side tournament for the world.


Upcoming GGWCup Fall 2018

On September 25th we kick off the 3rd annual GGWCup Global event in NYC. 
Check out the eventpage to learn more. Spectator registration will open shortly. 


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Get In The Game
Hit The Field
Build A League

In Buenos Aires 18 Girl's teams play and take action for their chosen goal each week. They meet and discuss their progress and inspire each other through sport and friendship. Check out the video about the project that made it unto Leonel Messi's FB page!



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Create Local Change
Join The Worldvide Network
Be a Meetup co-organizer 

Detroit, New York, Copenhagen. Join our worldwide network of local women’s groups who meet-up to create global change. Our soccer/football community members are activist and take the field as beginners, casual teammates, experienced athletes and sideline fans to unite for a better world at a variety of events.  

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Give Young People A Little Nudge
Start Teaching Through Play
Create new Games

We believe sport is a brilliant way to communicate and create change. We started by inviting women all over the world to play in our Global Goals World Cup. Now we would like to invite children, teachers, coaches to start exercising the goals too.


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Share Your Goals With Us

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Mark Your Calender

Imagine if sport was not just about being the strongest and fittest, but being the most sensational human beings for the World?

We have played in and will again: Copenhagen - Dubai - Bangkok - Nairobi - Buenos Aires - New York. 

Within the next two years we will play in: Johannesburg - Singapore - Jordan - Libanon - Vancouver - India - Saudi Arabia - more in the making. 



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Buy The Ball

We have 10 years experience making footballs, our balls are game balls and can last for years. Over the years we have created and designed different balls to support different players. For example the black ball supported the Afghan women’s national football team – the orange ball support women playing football in refugee camps.

The UN Global Goals ball support UN spreading the knowledge about the Global Goals and supporting teams traveling to the Global Goals World Cups. The UN ball can be really helpful when coaching because all 17 goals are visual on the ball.

Impact Games Boys with UN Ball Bangkok.jpg

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