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The Global Goals World Cup was initiated in 2015 by Eir Soccer, a non-profit sports Association under Danish Law.  It is a long term project to create an alternative Soccer World Cup, which fuses sport and advocacy in an effort to secure the successful implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) by 2030.  The government of Denmark supported the initial work to establish a scalable platform on which to expand the project to the rest of the world. The Core element of Global Goals World Cup is a series of high visibility local and regional soccer tournaments for women and adolescent Girls, organized in partnership with a range of local and global partners from multiple sectors of society. Thus manifesting the need for diversity and unusual partnerships in reaching the SDG's. Read more about the concept here:  The winning teams from each event meet in New York City for the Global Final during the UN General Assembly week, and have a chance to raise  awareness of the causes relating to the UN SDG's that they have chosen to advocate for. 
CEO's of Eir Soccer Majken Gilmartin & Rikke Rønholt Albertsen head this effort to build the necessary partnerships, which will expand the Global Goals World Cup to cover all continents. The goal is to create a large-scale mobilization of women and girls all over the world to take active part in the sustainable development agenda, and leverage their voice and influence through sport and teamwork. 

The below organizations make up the preliminary Global Steering Group, which continuously works to grow the Global Goals World Cup  


Each individual tournament is governed by a Local Steering Group, which mobilizes additional partners and secures funding and local anchoring of the event.
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