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Team: Sustainability Influencers


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Global Goal 17 - Partnership For The Goals


Together we are stronger— Team Sustainability Influencers are here to build bridges.

Team Sustainability Influencers are a group from Student & Innovation House on a mission to empower, engage, and mobilize other students to act sustainably. An international team with players from more than 8 countries, they have a strong personal personal interest in promoting collaboration and partnerships between fellow students, organisations, businesses, institutions. They will be playing for Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

The future is ours and we should work together to make it better and brighter.
— Team Sustainability Influencers

How will the team take action for their Goal?

This team’s mission is to utilize all stakeholders to create collective solutions which can be replicated and work at greater scale. Resource pooling, knowledge sharing, and mutual learning are some of this teams essential strategies. They will foster collaboration and partnerships by organizing discussions about the SDGs. They want to build meaningful connections and help people find future collaborators. They will also create an open database with different sustainable initiatives around Copenhagen so people will know where to go.

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Sustainability Influencers