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Team: Prague Raptors Football Club



Prague Raptors Football Club

Global Goal 5: Gender Equality


Prague Raptors Football Club – Global Goal 5: Gender Equality

Team Prague Raptors Football Club is a women's football club promoting diversity and social responsibility. Their team wants to show the world that women are powerful, equal and ready to show what they are capable of. They will be playing for SDG5 - Gender Equality.

We hope to bring lots of girls (and boys) from schools in the city of Prague to cheer on our team and show them women’s football can be exciting and fun. And should be taken as seriously as boys’ games.
— Team Prague Raptors Football Club

How will the team take action for their Goal?

  • They will have players, who can provide advice to future women’s football players.

  •  They will engage their supporters through social media and in person - encouraging them to show up in Raptors shirts and cheer them on.

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Prague Raptors Football Club