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Team: Diverse City




Global Goal 3 - Good Health & Well-being


Team Diverse City wants to promote female participation in sport

Amina Moustafa is one of our EU ambassador coaches selected as part of our overall project GGWCup Europe. She is the Project Coordinator of Irish NGO, Sports Against Racism and coordinates their '“Hijabs and Hat-Tricks” programme.

Amina has been involved in Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI) for 4 years. She first joined as a participant in their ‘Hijabs and Hat-Tricks’ programme and became a Youth Leader and the Project Coordinator of that project 3 years later.

This programme provided them with workshops and various opportunities to grow personally, professionally and as coaches. Amina was given the opportunity to attend Erasmus+ training courses abroad and speak about topics she is passionate about on radio, tv and at events.

Amina is one of the EU Ambassador Coaches selected as part of our overall project GGWCup Europe. Learn more about the special EramusPlus project here and read more about Amina here.

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Team Diverse City will be playing for Goal 3 - Good Health & Well-Being

I feel sport can be used to unite people despite their differences even when a common language isn’t shared.
— Amina Moustafa

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Diverse City