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The Sea Warriors - Goal 14

Look out for the Sea Warriours, and their secret battle move "The Shark finn"

Look out for the Sea Warriours, and their secret battle move "The Shark finn"

For the Sea Warriors Preserving the oceans is an everyday commitment. But if there is a chance to bond, raise awareness and even get fit in the process, they are ready to step up to the challenge. Even though some of the players have spent a whole lot more of their time studying marine life than developing football skills.  

Tell us about your team
The Sea Warriors are made up of seven ladies with a passion for marine conservation. We are: Natalie Banks (captain) Maria Gasan, Eva Lourau, Eve Brinsley, Gemma Archer, Kayleigh Hyslop, Tilika Dsouza. We have one Australian, a Scottish lass, an Indian lady and four ladies from the United Kingdom. 

What made you want to sign up to GGWCup?
We love the idea of females bonding over what traditionally has been a male orientated sport for the goal of the United Nations sustainability goal of Life below Water.  

What kind of action have you taken to promote your goal?
Our team members have been educating the public on the importance of sharks in keeping Oceans healthy, on why dolphins belong in the wild and we have picked up marine debris. 





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