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Team: Champions Ohne Grenzen


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Coach Carmen Grimm knows the #magic of soccer is “the moment when the body and mind float and nothing weighs on the shoulder, when my chest expands to its full volume and my body finds its true contours.” Carmen is heading team Champions Ohne Grenzen at our Europe GGWCup.

Carmen is one of the EU Ambassador Coaches selected as part of our overall project GGWCup Europe. Learn more about the special ErasmusPlus project here and read more about the team here

See you on the pitch in Copenhagen May 14!


Team Champions Ohne Grenzen will be playing for Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

CHAMPIONS ohne GRENZEN (CHoG) is a team that creates access to football for adult refugee women in Berlin through cost-free football practice, further leisure time activities and formations to both, their players as well as other footballing structures.

The most important goals for them are building self-confidence and community as well as reducing inequalities through fostering participation and exchange amongst women of all ages and backgrounds. For the GGWCUP they however chose to reach for a new goal: responsible consumption and production. 


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Champions Ohne Grenzen


The team have decided to design and create their own football jerseys and training material with recycled goods. By doing so, they aim to develop consciousness around responsible consumption and production in their own homes and in and around the city’s sporting infrastructures.

“Needless to say, this activity is meant to make the team grow closer together and create space and perspectives for active participation beyond football and thus allowing other community members to take part. Finally, this activity rhymes with their goal to provide vocational orientation for the participants – in this case, allowing for different skills to develop or show, especially by those women that have already worked in the fashion industry in their home countries before,” – Carmen Grimm.

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