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Sports Equality Enforcers - Goal 5


The team consists of Kirsty Darlington, Lyne Ismail, Ali Henderson, Dominika Kunka, Jessica Fourie, Stephanie Smith, Rajvi Ladha, and Ihan Haydar

They  represent a coalition of four organizations working to advance women's rights and gender equality in and through sports! Formed by Sport Equality League - whose Enforcers team took second place in the New York Global Goals World Cup -

"we are eight bold and brave women who believe that women and girls deserve the same access to sport as men and boys. Equal Playing Field, Regional Sports AE, Tawana Youth Development Organization, and Sport Equality League all work to end cultural perceptions and institutional policies that create barriers to sport. We believe that amplifying the photos and stories of females playing sport and as role models will lead to familiarity, acceptance, and better access to the human right to sport. We will help share photos and stories on social media to make women and girls more visible and powerful as athletes --- and to create awareness for SDG5 - Gender Equality!"



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