Get Ready To Play

Get Ready to Play

All women are pre-qualified to play in the world’s first activist football tournament. Read more here and register below.

In this all-women 5v5 football tournament football, the winning team is the team that combines sensational and creative activism with football most spectacular. To qualify as a team, you have to choose one of the 17 UN Global Goals to play and take action for. On game day, your 6-8 women team will play matches that last 6 minutes. We recommend reading through this page of tips and information to help with your registration. To learn about the special GGWCup rules, please scroll down to the bottom.


"Some of the goals are so big: End poverty, combate climate change. None of us can do this on our own, but all of us together can make a real difference." - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

1: Set your team

Bring together minimum 5 and maximum 8 of your favorite women; co-workers, sisters, yoga partners, team-mates or friends.

Women who are 18 years and up are invited to play. Every year we also feature some "Next Generation" teams aged 16-17.

When you register you will be asked which Global Goal you’re playing for and why.

You will be asked to send us a team photo.

It is free to apply and play, but the number of team spots are limited. We will let you know if your team has qualified as soon as the final team selection is made.

Teams cover their own travel and accommodation.


Get inspired by some of the teams who played in the GGWCup Dubai 2018.

2: Pick the Goal that sparks the activist in you

Which Goal appeals most to you? Which one would you be willing to sweat, fight, and win for?

Do you want to make sure all women are financially secure and have access to a personal bank account? Help all women to be registered to get a birth certificate / registered to vote. Or are you more interested in solving problem X in your community?

Tell us your story about why you want to play and take action for this goal. The selection committee will select the most inspiring teams.


3: Use passion and assets as a tool for activism

We want to see you show off your biggest and baddest actions at our GGWCup. We want to celebrate YOUR sustainable solutions and innovative ideas, so bring it on! So far more than 20,000 actions have been taken, and some have even changed laws.

Are you a journalist who can write a story? Are you a talented chef who can invite the whole community to a Global Goals dinner? Will you organize a beach clean-up? Will you change your habits? Petition your community leaders?

Nothing is too big or too small. To qualify to play, you must show commitment to your goal. The GGWCUP is won as much of the pitch as it is on the pitch.

No matter which action tool you use, share it on social media and tag #GGWCup[YourCityHere] / @ggwcup.

Team Spectacular 8 - GGWCup Dubai 2018: Their actions for the turtles became a global mascot for awareness campaigns on beach litter, schools adopted Tilly the Turtle and it made its way to Rome with a message to the Pope. And Tilly the Turtle raced its way and made it to the Cover Story of Gulf News.

For more action and style inspiration, please check out all the previous teams, San Diego Soccer Women’s actions before GGWCup 2018 New York 2018, and Global Citizen.


4: Enter your team

You enter your team on the special event page for the GGWCup you want to participate in. All teams cover their own travel and accommodation and the winner qualifies to play in the finals during the UN General Assembly in September in New York.

The next tournament is in….

New York during the UNGA week in September – date will be released soon.


The GGWCup point system

In order to change the world, we’re changing the rules. Because if we are going to reach the Global Goals by 2030, we need to release all of our creative and innovative energy. This is why, after each game, a panel of capable judges will give out four distinct points: 1 for most goals scored - 1 for most supporting crowd - 1 for most original team style - 1 for best action for the Goals.

The alternative point system reflect the many ways we all can play for a better world and qualify all women to play for the world they want.

For most original team style

We truly believe in the power of expression. We reward all the creative power you have and bring to the field: uniforms, songs, dances, chants, banners - however way you want to express your Goal and share the message: bring it on. Think beyond. Bring out your Global Goal collection.

For most supporting crowd

The Global Goals are for everyone and deserve the world’s biggest fan club. None of us can reach them on our own, but together we can make a real difference. Engage the crowd and have them assist you in raising your unique voice for the Goal you’re playing for. We can accelerate the change we want to see when "We The People" take massive and collective action.

For most goals scored

After each game 1 point is awarded for the team that scores the most goals. In the case of a draw, each team gets a ½ point each. Because of our special rules everyone can join a team, set a team, and play an equally important role. Everyone on the team has power. Together you have impact.

For best action for the Global Goals

Look at the 17 Global Goals - which one spark the activist in you? Life below water - affordable energy - gender equality - peace and justice? These are all equally important, and we reward actions for all 17 Global Goals. In order to score this point - make sure to speak up about what you do and let us know by using #GGWCup[YourCityHere] This way we will know to reward your actions and you will inspire others too.


Goleadoras took the NYC #GGWCup 2018 title!

Team Myna Bol: winner most original style & attitude GGWCup Mumbai 2019.