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Announcing Plans for GGWCup Dominica! 2.-3-November 2018
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Save the Date! The Global Goals World Cup is coming to Dominca. November 2.-3. 2018

The GGWCup, in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Dominica is proud to bring the power of the United Nations Global Goals to the Caribbean organizing the first amateur women’s soccer tournament on the island.

"What I have seen all over the world in being a UNICEF ambassador and international goalkeeper for 18 years is when you drop a football in any area, you change and empower young girls and women in so many different ways. Football is more than a game. The friends I have made in playing football are life lasting friendships and these women are who have played a big part in shaping me into the woman that I am today" 
Karina LeBlanc, GGWCup Ambassador

Who can play? 

YOU! Join us. Sign up today and start the adventure! Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Friends, Students and Professionals, Advocates and Neighbors.  No soccer experience necessary. Come ready to learn, grow and play for the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Story: On September 19th, 2017 eight women came to New York City, excited and prepared to represent their home country, Dominica in the Global Goals World Cup finals.

Before the first whistle was blown, the game was over for team Dominica.

Hurricane Maria became the team to beat. The 8 players went home without playing.

Fast forward to spring 2018. The island is still in disaster recovery mode and the need for inspiration and action is more important than ever.

Join us on November 2, Windsor Park/ Botanical Gardens, Roseau as we celebrate and elevate the resiliency of the women of Dominica.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were created to protect our climate, eliminate poverty, empower women and girls and so much more. The Global Goals World Cup provides the platform for this champion collaboration for the SDGs.


Go to the eventpage to find out how to sign up a team or support this event as sponsor or partner.






Diamond Divas take the GGWCup UAE Trophy

Congratulations to the Diamond Divas for a well deserved victory. They truly showed what a Global Goals Champion is made of. From their dedicated action to raise awareness of Goal 11 -Sustainable Cities and Communities,  to their cool and creative uniforms, not to mention their tireless and supportive crowd and their outstanding football skills. Already on the Thursday night pledge day it was clear that they meant business! They came, they saw, and they took that trophy home! Over the next months we will follow the Divas as they prepare for the Global Final in New York City in September during the UN General Assembly. 

But also great kudos to the runners up from Spectacular 8. They impressed us all with their dedication to goal 14 -Life Below Water and their huge effort to raise awareness of the devastating effects of ocean pollution on marine life. We will never forget Tilly The Turtle, made of the thousands of cigarette butts that they had collected from local beaches. 

All the teams were amazing, and we are still smiling from all the great memories and new friendships that were made in the last few days. GGWCup moves on to new locations. But the spirit of the tournament will live on through the teams and their continued commitment to fight for the global goals. You are now all members of the growing Global Gaols World Cup community of women all over the world, who play and take action for the world they want. 

Once again a huge thank you to our incredible MENA region partners from Sustainable Mindz, and to our great hosts The Sustainable City, and dedicated corporate and organisational partners. You are all living proof of the importance of SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals. None of this would have happened without you. And also a special thank you to Stephen King from Middlesex University, who almost lost his voice supporting Dima, giving his brilliantly insightful and passionate commentry all through the night. 

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ggwcupGGWCup UAE, Thank you!
Artist Hayan Maani Creates Mother Earth Trophy for GGWCup UAE

By creating the Global Goals World Cup we set out to creatively reinvent sport to make it fit for the future we want. This means that we playfully challenge everything from the arena to the rules, the uniforms and even the trophy. We truly believe that art and sport share a natural kinship, and from the beginning, our medals have been the beautiful little sun solar lamps by Olafur Eliasson. Symbolising the bright light of hope for a better and sustainable future. Now we are so thrilled that the brilliant artist Hayan Maani has honoured us by creating an original piece of art to be the GGWCup UAE trophy. 

The trophy is named "The Mother Earth Trophy" Learn about the symbolism of the elements below. 

Thank you to our amazing partners and sponsors who are making this possible

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ggwcupGGWCup UAE
Sports Equality Enforcers - Goal 5

The team consists of Kirsty Darlington, Lyne Ismail, Ali Henderson, Dominika Kunka, Jessica Fourie, Stephanie Smith, Rajvi Ladha, and Ihan Haydar

They  represent a coalition of four organizations working to advance women's rights and gender equality in and through sports! Formed by Sport Equality League - whose Enforcers team took second place in the New York Global Goals World Cup -

"we are eight bold and brave women who believe that women and girls deserve the same access to sport as men and boys. Equal Playing Field, Regional Sports AE, Tawana Youth Development Organization, and Sport Equality League all work to end cultural perceptions and institutional policies that create barriers to sport. We believe that amplifying the photos and stories of females playing sport and as role models will lead to familiarity, acceptance, and better access to the human right to sport. We will help share photos and stories on social media to make women and girls more visible and powerful as athletes --- and to create awareness for SDG5 - Gender Equality!"



ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 5
Team B - Goal 5
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Meet the amazing ladies from Team B. They are a diverse range of women representing three continents, united for their cause for female empowerment. Playing for Goals 5! @thedubaiwomensrun @plan_b_group

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Sophie Page
Azza Hegazy
Maureen Herrera
Jyoti Dagar
Sobby Preju
Sanaa Zaki
Maha Sidahmed



They are a diverse range of women representing three continents, united for their cause for female empowerment. Playing for Goals 5! @thedubaiwomensrun @plan_b_group


ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 5
legends FA - Goal 1

Please put your hands together for memebers of the first UAE Women's national team!
-Afra Almuhairi
-Badreyya Easa Almansoori
-Oshba Salem almansoori
-Asma Ahmed
-Amal Wael Aal Rabeea
-Nouf Aladwan

They are showing up to raise awareness about Goal 1 "No Poverty" as they say: "football is a great way of delivering a message."


ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 1
Danfoss climate Champions - Goal 13

Meet Tania, Betty, Mahshad, Amina, Eirini, Larisa, Cherry, Rim and Rosa who are playing for Danfoss supporting the Global Goal CLIMATE ACTION.
The fierce and strong ladies from Danfoss are from South Africa, Kenya, Iran, Morocco, Philippines, Tunisia, Syria, Greece and Russia, making for a very diverse and interesting team.

They have chosen Goal 13 as this cause is close to their hearts and something they work on everyday.
"In Danfoss, we say that we are Engineering Tomorrow. We do this by providing the latest innovative solutions and technologies in many different fields, also in Climate and Cooling.
Cooling is a big culprit when it comes to CO2 emissions and this is something we at Danfoss can do something about. Our products and solutions gives maximum energy efficiency and minimum waste, so we can reduce emissions into our environment."

fb: @danfosstma Twitter: @danfoss (Danfoss Group) , Instagram: @danfosscool


ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 13
The UNStoppables - Goal 17
The Unstoppables.jpg

The UNStoppables are a team of seven members from across three continents. Representing UN Global Compact UAE We chose SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals, since we believe that collaboration and partnerships are at the heart of achieving any goal, big or small. As students and aspiring entrepreneurs, we look forward to engaging student communities on university campuses across the UAE. We want to partner and collaborate with student bodies and startups at universities to adopt a sustainability as a practise and not just an idea to admire. The 7 UNStoppables will reach out to university students through awareness campaign on ground and on social media, highlighting why alone we will struggle but together we will be UNStoppable. @ungcuae


ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 17
Team Flowers - Goal 13

Hello! We are Team FLOWERS! We are the women from the Malayalam radio station in Dubai called Flowers FM 94.7. We choose Climate Action as our goal. Our Earth has a great self repairing system. She would heal only if we let her. Every little choice we make with that intention will count. It's hard to believe how many are in denial of climate change. Nothing better than using the power of your reach (through social media or others) to influence others and support change in your own ways! We believe every small step towards bettering the planet for our future generations will only be appreciated and beneficial.

ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 13
One More Drop - Goal 6

This team of professional football players from UAE, Tunisia and Marocco are representing @ambitionscm company. Their goal is to ensure #Cleanwaterandsanitation because a child dies every single minute from a disease caused by contaminated water and poor sanitation!


ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 6
STC United - Goal 16
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These beautiful ladies from @regionalsports are playing for #SDG16 and represnting Save the Children ⚽🌍 The players come from Canada, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq, Ireland, Jordan, Lebanon and Peru! The team has chosen to play for Goal 16 to ensure that children, especially the most excluded children are treated equally and their voices are listened to in decision making so that all children survive, learn and are protected from all forms of violence and abuse. They are playing together to ensure that no one is left behind! 


ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 16
The Planeteers - Goal 13
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 The Planeteers was among the first teams to sign up for #GGWCup UAE -will it show that they had a headstart on the training?

The Planeteers was among the first teams to sign up for #GGWCup UAE -will it show that they had a headstart on the training?

Meet THE PLANETEERS playing for climate action and #SDG13! Beverley from Scotland, Marcela from Prague, and Claudine, Zoe, Sam and Trish from England playing to raise awareness on the negative effects of plastic bags.  🌍⚽🌍⚽🌍⚽🌍⚽ 



ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 13
We Match - Goal 3

We Match (Represented by Blue & Dubai Stars) play for #SDG3 Good Health and Well Being in the#GlobalGoals World Cup in #Dubai

Meet  khulood, Nancy, Joyce, Jolie, Sharanya. Their main objective is to support the health and wellbeing of children with downsyndrom through continual sports related activities and programs. They are coming from two companies under Alserkal group (Dubai stars) focuses on health issues and Blue has a strong CSR program. Therefore they have chosen to pledge for Goals 3: Health and wellbeing.#GGWCupUAE #Soccer — with Blue LLC andDubai Stars Official 


ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 3
WE (The Peoples) - Goal 2

Team #WE is all fired up and ready to play for #SDG2 and #ZeroHunger! represnting @choithrams, to give back to communities, Choithrams continues to do its part by working with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to deliver vital food assistance to children and families in the Middle East and West Africa.
Since 2015, Choithrams has partnered with WFP to help fight hunger and malnutrition in the region and as far as West Africa, where the company also operates. 


ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 2
Green Wolves - Goal 13
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Green Wolves, Green Wolves, Green Wolves!! Playing for #SDG13and #climateaction! the team consists of a group of friends from IMT Dubai and Heriot Watt Dubai universities and they are
passionate about the environment. They are supporting their goal by organizing cleanups, flash mobs and educational seminars. Along with this, they also plan on partnering with the United Nations Global Compact Committee on campus to sustain their efforts and continue working even after the world cup! IMT-Dubai


ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 13
The Geekies - Goal 4
Chalhoub Group logo.jpg

Introducing team Geekies from @chalhoubgroup playing for #SDG4 and #qualityeducation! The Chalhoub Group aims to empower the youth living in the Arab World, and there is a strong education component in all actions undertaken by the group. For example In 2014, the has opened the Chalhoub Learning centre in Bekaa Lebanon in conjunction with Jusoor, a non-profit, non-political and secular organisation that offers education services to Syrians. The centre offers basic mathematics and English lessons to help refugee children join the formal learning system.
The Chalhoub Group also offers a growing scholarship programme with an outreach of 17 students annually. Goo Geekies! 


ggwcupTeams UAE, SDG 4