Becca Todd

GGWCup team from England

Team Feel Real will be playing for Global Goal 3 - good health and well-being


About coach Becca Todd

Bristol, England

My motivation to be part of this special GGWCup & Erasmus+ Programme project

I love coaching and how it can help people to boost their confidence and have fun. I've worked and volunteered all over the world with a huge range of projects and charities.

My motivation to be part of this project is to help girls realise and achieve their potential, be confident and happy, and have equal rights to men.

This in turn will massively benefit society and the world as a whole.


The Confidence Revolution! Inspiring girls to feel empowered, happy and included. We are working together to increase self-esteem, resilience and improve body image using the power of sport, exercise and team work activities- and, most importantly, having fun! Join us and help the change! Video © Becca Todd

Meet the team: Feel Real

Playing for Global Goal 3 - good health and well-being

Becca have already met with the first players on the Feel Real team. See the first start-up meeting here. More players will be announced soon.

Supporting organizations

The team will be supported by Feel Real and Urban Pursuit.

In the media

Medium: Feel Real is creating “the confidence revolution” for girls.



I currently work for Urban Pursuit and run my own organisation Feel Real to boost girl's self-esteem through sport.

  • I've coached in Kenya doing HIV/AIDS awareness to women in MYSA in a slum area of Nairobi with Tackle Africa. I coached football to communities in Ghana. I ran football sessions in the poor areas of Cartagena in Colombia and founded an orphanage team and a team for victims of domestic abuse.

  • I volunteered for 6 months in Peru directing a street children's charity in Cusco, and carrying out health and sex education to local women.

  • In New Zealand I worked as a football coach, football development officer and a PE teacher in a maori primary school in one of the most deprived area of the country. I also developed my own coaching organisations to help give kids confidence and opportunities to play sport.

  • In Germany I volunteered coaching football to refugees from Syria, Afganistan & Iraq.

  • In Chile I set up a disability sport club called Fenix, this continued after I left.


Awards & acknowledgements

  • UEFA B Football course complete (didn't undertake the final assessment as the assessor was so horrible and chauvinist :(  )

  • FIFA Elite Women's football training course

  • UN Women Valencia CF football fro development course

  • FA Youth Award

  • FA Football Level 1, 2, Futsal, Disability Football

  • RFU Rugby Level 1, Basketball Level 1, Dodgeball Level 2, Swimming Level 1 etc etc

  • Stand Up Paddle boarding Instructor course

  • Climbing Wall instructor course


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