What is GGWCup?






We play a different kind of game. 

We play to take action. 

We play to connect people. 

We play for the 17 UN global goals. 

We play to change the world.



Changing the world one goal at a time

The Global Goals World Cup is an open women’s activist soccer tournament designed to expand the scope of a conventional sport event. We are comfortable at the intersection between sport, art, culture and activism. Our vision is to merge true global citizenship with the game of soccer. 

To qualify, teams have to play and take action for one of their favorite 17 UN Global Goals. 

GGWCUP is powered by Eir soccer and UNDP. We proudly cooperate with, The Danish MInistry of Foreign Affairs, Save the Children Denmark and multiple partners from all sectors. 


On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders committed to The 17 Global Goals for the next 15 years: End extreme poverty; Fight inequality and injustice; Fix climate change. In all countries. For all people.

We mobilize women globally to take this development agenda into their own hands. By joining the tournament in their country, setting a team of 5-8 female soccer players and choosing one of the 17 goals to advocate for. Over the next years we are building a world wide community of Global Goals World Cup teams, connected by their love of soccer and their desire to change the world.  

WHO WE ARE  Eir soccer is a grassroots women soccer movement, passionate about giving women and girls access to sport and allowing them to create their own soccer experience. We do this through unconventional soccer events.  We have partnered with  UNDP , creating a play-for-change soccer tournament that promotes the UN 17  Global Goals . Eir and UNDP share a common cause: Everyone has the right to play and to fight for freedom. Self-discovery and playful interaction through sports is one of the most empowering ways to restore dignity, unity and hope. Therefore, together, we connect women around the world through soccer, play and fun.


The GGWCUP is developed by the non-profit sports organization Eir, founded by Danish coach and campaigner Majken Gilmartin in the year 2000. Eir aims at creating a safe, engaging, and inclusive sport for women by producing a special designed scientifically calculated ball to fit female players, the "Eir Soccer Ball", and by organizing creatively playful women's soccer tournaments in the streets and at music festivals. 

In 2015 Majken teamed up with former elite athlete and sustainable development activist Rikke Rønholt, to launch this new ”play for change” concept in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs .


The Mission of The Global Goals World Cup is to leverage the universal power of sport to excite and unite, and to direct that power towards realising the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
We believe that a team of dedicated women is one of the most powerful mobilising activist units in the world. We activate these units by letting women set their own development agenda,  and make a bold play for change.  
The goal of our tournaments is to amplify and accelerate impact by celebrating and showcasing all the amazing actions taken by our teams and to raise awareness of the  sustainable development the agenda in new target groups. 



Eir Soccer has created the unique Eir Soccer Ball. The only soccer ball designed specifically for women, based on scientifically calculated modifications. It works to prevent the harmful effects for women playing with the conventional size 5 ball. Which is perfect for grown men – but creates an overrepresentation of injuries in young players and women. 

Buy or donate a ball here


At each tournament we partner with a local host and recruit a number of companies, grassroot organizations, educational institutions etc. to a steering group.

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